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lenore chickens


Posted on 2011.09.29 at 17:35

Dude, I can LJ from my iPad now. Nifty. There's even an app for that. ;)

Yes, I am a dork who is easily amused.

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lenore chickens

It's Always Something, Right?

Posted on 2011.06.21 at 11:36
Finally got the pool uncovered and ready for summer... and the pump wouldn't start. Yay. Took it in Friday, got the call last night... the guy got it running (and won't charge us), but he thinks it has other things wrong that he can't get to without breaking the case, including the potential for leaks. Says it would be just as much to buy new... so that's what John did. He took a break from mowing the lawn and went over to the pool place (since I talked to the guy and took notes)... and came home with a new pump.

I have to say, it does run better than the old one (duh), and apparently the parts are cheaper if it needs repairs.

We don't know how old it was... it could be as old as the pool itself (9 years), so it was inevitable. Also, being new homeowners, we don't know if the previous owners took it in over the winter. We didn't. This last winter was exceptionally cold and above-average in the snow department. There was so much snow on the cover for so long, it ripped. So there's another purchase come fall. At which time, you can rest assured, we will be bringing in the new pump to hibernate in the basement. ;) John let them keep the old one for parts. I guess there are some salvageable bits left in it. LOL!

I'll be able to enjoy the pool for most of July, but I don't think I will get it in much in August, unless someone wants to babysit (or, rather, visit and hold the baby while I cool off ;) )... the baby will be too young to go for a dunk herself. LOL!

EDIT: ...and the old hose was a little too short to reach the new pump... so it popped off sometime Tuesday evening, and emptied the pool into the yard just below the filter intake. Yaaaaaay. Had to refill it last night after getting a new hose. Of course, then we overfilled it, but we need to vacuum it, so the extra water will be useful for that. *sigh*

lenore chickens

Writer's Block: Dear LiveJournal

Posted on 2011.03.05 at 12:19
How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

I wasn't going to answer this one, but when I looked at my profile and saw my join date (3/4/2008), I just had to. LOL!

I have been on Livejournal for exactly 3 years and ONE day. LOL!

I've purchased a home, gone on two cruises (out of 4), left myspace and joined Facebook (LOL), replaced my Neon, and will be a parent soon.

I think this is my favorite early post right now: Get Out and Shovel Behind Your Tires, Loser! -- a play-by-play of some idiot trying to get his car out of a space in the parking lot at my apartment complex. *giggle*

lenore chickens

Ships & Dip Recap Part Seven

Posted on 2011.03.04 at 13:48
Friday February 11th and Saturday, February 12th
After a nice breakfast in the buffet, we went back to our cabin to get our bags and disembark. I have to say, Norwegian's laid back disembarkation system pretty much rocks. I -hated- being thrown off the ship at an ungodly hour on Carnival -- or waiting in a room somewhere with all my crap until they let you go. NCL is so much more chill.

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lenore chickens

Ships & Dip Recap Part Six

Posted on 2011.03.01 at 15:38
Thursday, February 10th
9:30AM: BING BONG! "Ed Robertson here with your morning announcements. The first announcement is that it's too early to be making announcements." You said it, brother.

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Next Up: Back on Dry Land, and ZOOOOOOOOOO.

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Ships & Dip Recap Part Five

Posted on 2011.03.01 at 13:07
Wednesday, February 9th
The nice thing about going to the same port two cruises in a row is that you're already familiar with a place -- familiar enough to know that you're safe skipping an expensive ship excursion, and doing your own thing on the cheap.

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Next Up: The Last Day Can Be the Best Day.

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Ships & Dip Recap Part Four

Posted on 2011.02.25 at 15:20
Tuesday, February 8th
As it turns out, it's a good thing we went to bed a little early, instead of staying up for Acid Wish on the pool deck, because the rain came, and cut that show short. When we got up in the morning, everything was wet and gray, and the stage lights and speakers were completely covered with tarps. Having an inside cabin, we had no idea, and arrived at the buffet for breakfast with our bathing suits on, ready to roll. LOL!

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Tomorrow: Cozumel and the Most Amazing Snorkeling EVAR.

lenore chickens

Ships & Dip Recap Part Three

Posted on 2011.02.25 at 13:54
Monday, February 7th
Woke up with a RAGING migraine. Clearly, two-plus days of stress and travel and activity have taken its toll. I was so bad I was -shaking- before we went up to the buffet for breakfast. I had taken my Tylenol, but I needed coffee. How was I going to get through the day? Was this a harbinger of the rest of the trip?!

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Tomorrow: Non-Alcohlic Piña Coladas, and Getting Caught in the Rain...

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Ships & Dip Recap Part Two

Posted on 2011.02.22 at 16:50
Sunday, February 6th
"We're going on a bo-at! We're going on a bo-at!" Thanks to Kelly Light, who posted a link to Wackiki Wabbit on FaceBook on Friday, this is the only thing John and I have been able to say all morning. We watched it on his Droid after I got out of the shower, and kept singing it randomly all morning until we finally got ON the boat... at which point it switched to "We're finally on the bo-at!" :D

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Up Next: Migraines, Mass Nudity, and Snacktime.

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Ships & Dip Recap Part One

Posted on 2011.02.22 at 14:27
Ships & Dip 4 Recap

This is going to take a while (and likely broken up into many parts), but I figured I had better get it down before I forgot the good stuff. Plus, I'm finally working on my Ships & Dip V scrapbook after two years, and the similar ships and shared port stop (Cozumel) are getting mixed up. While working on the book I keep thinking, "Wait, where's my picture of ___?" "Oh, right. That was this year." I also can't find my little notebook from V, and I don't want the same to happen with 4 when I get to that book! So, documentation time!

But first... we have to get to Miami... come hell or ice storm.

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Next Entry: Boarding and Sail Away.

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